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Future plans for Yum Extender

I just want to write a little about the future plans for Yum Extender.

Soon the current development release of yumex 1.1.x, will become a stable 1.2.x branch
There will not be added any new features, only bug fixes, translations etc.
1.1.x works only with Yum >= 3.0.

I have startet a new development branch called 1.9.x, in time it will become yumex 2.0.
The big step i version number is because of i am started to build it from scratch. The current 1.1.x code has become a little hard to maintain, so i have decided to start from scratch, it will the pieces of code there is usefull and written in the right way and copy it into new development branch.

Current status of yumex 1.9.x:
In the current 1.9.x version there will only be one package view with buttons to select if you want to see the ‘updates’,’availible’,’installed’ or ‘all’ packages.
The way the queue is working is changed, when you select a package it will automatic be added to the queue, no need for first select the package and then add it to the queue.
All yum action is done in background threads, so the GUI is always responsive.
I working on adding different kind of categories to the package view so the shown packages can be limited by different kind of categories (Ages, Repository, RPM groups, Sizes, Comps Categories).

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