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My contributions to the world.

I have not blogged a lot in the new year, but i have been busy with a lot of different stuff.


Yumex 1.9.x is progressing very fine, the speed is much better and code i smuch more organized than the yumex 1.2.x releases. The gui is more clean and better organized. Some of the recent features i added is a skip mirror button and an option to save and load the package queue.

yum & yum-utils:

There have been some nice progress in the current yum development, i have been working on building a base for creating yum utilities, there inherit commandline options and callback handler from the yum-cli, some every util don’t have to implement options like ‘–enablerepo/–disablerepo’,’–noplugins’ etc. The result of the work has been included in the yum 3.1.1, so now yum-util has been branched into a branch (1.0.x) following yum 3.0.x and one (1.1.x) following yum 3.1.x. I have started to modify the exiting tools like yum-downloader to use the new yum util base included in yum.

FC7 Test1:

I have been using some time test the Fedora 7 Test1 release, it look like a good release, it is the first test release i have installed without any detecting any problems, so now i’m running Test1 on my laptop and my desktop as my primary OS.

Personal stuff.

January has been an important month for me, my youngest son (13 months old) has started to walk, it’s funny to see how fast the walking is progressing from two steps in the start of January, to something the looks like a somebody running after they had to much to drink. He also practice some kind of advanced form of eating, by absorbing the food trough the skin.

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