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TurboGears Rocks

After partisipating in a long discussion on fedora-maintainers about the Fedora update process and Bodhi, i decided to start helping Luke with some hacking on Bodhi.

I started out by setting up a local Bodhi instance as described here.

In about 10 min, i got a local Bodhi to play with and see how the code was working.

I have worked a lot with python, but never worked with TurboGears before, so i stared with the The 20 minutes wiki tutorial, it is a very good, it is really showing how easy and powerful TurboGears is to work with.

I have created  a patch to make the Bodhi command line client being able
to import information about update type, bugzilla records, CVE’s and Notes from a text file, in a format created by Till Maas great Makefile addon to create Bodhi updates from the fedora package CVS checkouts and a patch to make it possible to do ‘push to testing’ and ‘push to stable’ from the command line client.

Luke have made a lot of nice changes to the current development edition of Bodhi, to make the life easier to the hard work fedora contributors.

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