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2007 is over and 2008 has just begun. And it time to look back to what happed in year 2007.


Fedora 7 was released and extra and core was merged, there was some noise around the merged because all the new tools (koji,bodhi,pkgdb etc) there was introduced, made the life a little more complex for people maintaining a lot of packages, but the developers has worked hard to make the tools better, so it think they is in pretty good state by now IMHO.

Later in the year Fedora 8 was released, one of the best Fedora releases ever, but it think so on every release 🙂

I got a lot of work done on the projects i work on: yumex, yum, yum-utils, PackageKit, Bodhi and iniparse and even got time to do some package reviews, it is not the most fun thing to do, but it is very important to get the nice floss software out there included in Fedora.


This year the family got a puppy and it is now around 19 week old, it is a very fun creature, but there is one word there is repeated a lot of times ‘NEJ’ (‘No’ in danish), when the dog is stealing food and chewing up the kids toys.


Happy New Year for all the people working hard to making Fedora rock so hard, without selling out the freedom.

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