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Yum Tips & Trick

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismai is have some comments to your post about yum & Friends.

Yum is not slower than Apt, yum does dynamic load of metadata, apt dont, it only refreshes the cache when the user tell it to, so you are comparing apple and oranges.

As the main yumex developer i don’t like statements like ‘Avoid using yumex’ because it might have behaved badly. If you detect any problems the collect documentation and make bugzilla reports, so if there is any problem they cant be solved. This is the way Open Source software evolves.  Behind the scene yumex, pirut, PackageKit (yum backend) and yum-cli all works by using the powerful Yum API to do the real action, so the difference is in the UI and to the level of feature and option each tool give to the user.

it is right you can install both apt & smart in Fedora, but there is some differences,  yum has put safety in a high place, so if there is a problem in the repo of some kind, yum will bail out with an error to not leave the users systems in a broken state, but some of the other package manager have options to try to fixes the issues and it can give strange/dangerous results.

Remember don’t blame the postman for delivering a bad message.

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  1. Andy Burns
    April 1, 2008 at 12:26

    Yes I must admit my eyes boggled when I saw the suggestion to avoid yumex, sure it has had bugs, but so has yum itself and so does every project, it’s fixing them and moving forwards that counts, and happily for the last couple of fedora releases (at least) I’ve mixed command line yum and GUI yumex without problems.

  2. Dieter Spahn
    April 1, 2008 at 13:46


    It’s always the same. A lot of people talk about things they really don’t understand.

    Beside yum and pirut, I also use yumex without any problems (since Fedora Core 6).

    Keep going with your good work on yumex!


  3. April 1, 2008 at 16:01

    Hi tim,

    sorry for that section about yumex. I understand about how the backend yum and the UI for yumex is separated, but, somehow (this was back to FC6 and older), whenever I used yumex to install, for like, 50+ packages (excluding its dependencies). Somehow, for some reason, only those ticked 50+ packages are installed but without it dependencies. The dependencies are downloaded all right, but neither of them are installed. It happened several times, randomly and doesnt happen with small selection of packages. I first detected this when I was doing a clean install , yumex goes well throughout the process. But after installation, certain apps are unable to run, when i ran package-cleanup, I detected none of the dependencies are installed, only the packages. I want to bugzilla it, but I can’t seem to find anything that can pinpoint whether its yumex or yum which is behaving wrongly. I tried reproducing, but the results is always random. Other GUIs like pirut and pup doesnt get this problem though. Ever since, I stopped recommending yumex to users – just to avoid them from suddenly had to face that problem – and blame Fedora/Yum for being sucks. Not sure how it goes with current yumex/yum. Perhaps that problem have been fixed.

    I have changed Tips 7 to something else. I deeply apologize for that.

    What i meant by apt is faster than yum is not because of the dynamic update. But its querying speed and depsolving – using cached metadata. Lets take querying speed for example

    time apt-cache search yum
    real 0m4.868s
    user 0m2.909s
    sys 0m0.722s

    time yum search yum -C
    real 0m7.337s
    user 0m5.058s
    sys 0m0.964s

    so its a bit slower, but like i said, a bit slower vs all those features .. its still worth it 😀

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