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Look like the new way of planet self administration is a good idea, Welcome to all the new faces on the planet.

The new wiki also looks nice, and i couple days ago, it thougt about the best way to get to know mediawiki, was to read to some page and try to fix the problems i found, i have mostly consentrated on the packaging pages.

Most of there errors i found was ‘[“PageLink”]’,  there should be ‘[[PageLink]]’


The was also some ‘[[AchorName| Link text]]’, there should be ‘[[#AchorName| Link text]]’


So trickier was it with some pages there included content from other pages.

In MediaWiki you can include another page by using


But if you only want to include a part of the page, you have to add some special tags on the page you want to include.

i used the <onlyinclude>….</onlyinclude> tags on the souce page, to make limit the content to be imported.

Source Page

Target Page

More info here

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  1. May 28, 2008 at 16:04

    If you want to do mass-changes, mail me and I’ll tell you how to set up pywikipedia for the Fedora wiki. (I fixed all the transcript links for the KDE SIG meetings with its replace.py script, worked great.)

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