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more “I voted” spam

December 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Yes, i voted too.
Both in the Fedora Voting system and now on the planet too 🙂

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yum –skip-broken

November 15, 2008 5 comments

I have be working on beating the skip broken functionallty in yum in better shape. The was a lot cases were it has to give up. One of the big problems debugging the code is that,  repo inconsistencies where skip broken is useful, don’t last long and can be hard to reproduce and retest.  So i had been working to make some unit tests in yum,  to reproduce the found issues and make the debug output from skip broken a lot better, so it is easier to see what goes wrong.

The current yum in rawhide (3.2.20) is in very good shape and the upstream 3_2_x branch is even better.

If you run into some situation where ‘–skip-broken’ bails out, then please checkout

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Yum Extender

November 15, 2008 3 comments

I have just released Yum Extender 2.0.5, not a lot of changes, but a lot of translation updates, thank to all translators and the transiflex maintainers to make it easy for the translator to submit translations upstream.

It is the first release for a long time and the 2.0.x code base is quite stable at the moment and there will only be made bug fixes to the 2.0.x series, no new fancy stuff.

I have started to work on the next generation of yumex, it will be redesigned from scratch, because i want to solve one of the mayor problems in yumex, that the gui get stuck when there is no callback from yum in a long periode of time. so i has started to design a client/server based yum backend there can run in a separete child process and communicate with the gui frontend, using a generic interface. This separation has a lot of benefit and will make it a lot easier to maintain the gui and make it work with different versions of yum or even other package managers.

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Welcome updates

September 11, 2008 2 comments


The updates are rolling again welcome, i updated a couple of my systems and it went very smooth. Thanks for the hard work of the infrastructure team, they did a lot of work to make smooth ride for the users.


I have just installed the background packages with Fedora 10 backgrounds, Martin blogged about, i must say they look so damm good, so i can’t choose the one i like most, great works from the Art team, Thanks.


The PackageKit yum backed have been hunting me for a while, not because the code is bad, but because of the way a spawned PackageKit backend work, it works by having one small python script for each api call that PackageKit supports ‘search-name, search-file, update-system, install-packages etc’. what the scripts does is to import a shared yumBackend module and call the method that is doing the action. The problem with this approch is that, every time PackageKit does a single action, yum has to be initialized, it don’t take long because of most stuff is loaded from the yum cache, but some features i PackageKit does a lot of calls and then perfomance really hurts.

The way to fix it, was to find a way to not initialize yum on every call,  Then i got the idea what if we could start some kind of dispatcher that listen to stdin for commands and parameters and then call the right methods to do the actions. then we could do multiple actions without initializing yum every time. I did the basics to the backend code so it supported a dispatcher taking multiple commands until it got an exit command. For this stuff to work, some changes needed to be done in the PackageKit C backend, to not just spawn a new script everytime, but keep it alive and just push commands into stdin.
I pinged Richard Hughes one friday afternoon and he liked the idea, so after a couple of hours of hacking, we had the basic pieces kicked into shape. One of the mayor issues was that we don’t what to lock yum for a longer period of time, because it use memory and locks out other application from using the yum API.
So it was made so that the C backend, keep the dispatcher alive until it has been idle for 5s, and then close it time.

The new way of doing thing has been released in PackageKit 0.3.2 currently in rawhide and it will hopefully give the user a better expericens for PackageKit i Fedora 10.yum –enablerepo=rawhide update PackageKit
It is easy to test in Fedora 9 too, just do a

yum –enablerepo=rawhide update PackageKit

It will only pull the updated PackageKit packages, not any other rawhide stuff.

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I suck big time

September 10, 2008 8 comments

PackageKit Sucks !
Yumex Sucks !
Yum Sucks !
Fedora Sucks

I work on all these projects, so i must really suck, but opions is like assholes, everybody got one.
In the Linux world there is a lot of battles and flamewars, were peoples thinks X rules and Y sucks.
If all that energy was used on something constructive like trying to make things better, instead of just
complaining about it, what a boost that would be.
Last night i read that Richard Hughes was banned from Fedora Forum for making comments on an “PackageKit Sucks” thread and asking people to submit patches and report bug and defend himself on some very personal attacks.
People have a right to have an opion and to think that something sucks, but to lock out a main developer from an
end user forum, because of he takes time to respond to some users comments, it is very bad IMO.
We want to have close relations with users and developers, that is what makes the free software community strong.
Of cause there is some trolls out there just looking for a fight and throw some dirt at something, they can just be ignored, but if a big end user support forum starts to ban people they dont agree with that really sucks 🙂
And that will hurt Fedora and scare away new contributors, and that make my heart blead.
So lets be constructive and have some fun and make Fedora rule the world.

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New notebook for my wife

September 5, 2008 4 comments

Today is was looking for a new laptop for my wife, the old one is not working to good any more. She use it for reading mails, browsing the web and to store our photos.

I was looking for one that could fullfil the following:

  • Should work out of the box in Fedora 9 (gfx,wireless etc)
  • No M$ Taxes, dont want to pay for something i dont use.
  • No close source drivers needed.
  • Looking good, a nice girl need a good looking laptop.
  • not to big and heavy, so no 19″ widescreen 🙂

I found this one

It almost only intel parts and they are well supported out of the box in Fedora, it is tested on Linux and can be bought without any OS and it looks good and is made in Denmark.

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Thanks to the Fedora Infrastructure Team

August 18, 2008 1 comment

The Fedora Infrastructure has been hit by something, no details are available yet, but one thing i know and that is that the Fedora Infrastructure team is working 24/7 behind the scene to solve this issue. People often forget the hard work, going on behind the scene by the infrastructure team, so i am glad that the Fedora Project has such a dedicated team of infrastructure guys, to make the wheels go around.

So thanks for the hard work !!!

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