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New notebook for my wife

September 5, 2008 4 comments

Today is was looking for a new laptop for my wife, the old one is not working to good any more. She use it for reading mails, browsing the web and to store our photos.

I was looking for one that could fullfil the following:

  • Should work out of the box in Fedora 9 (gfx,wireless etc)
  • No M$ Taxes, dont want to pay for something i dont use.
  • No close source drivers needed.
  • Looking good, a nice girl need a good looking laptop.
  • not to big and heavy, so no 19″ widescreen 🙂

I found this one

It almost only intel parts and they are well supported out of the box in Fedora, it is tested on Linux and can be bought without any OS and it looks good and is made in Denmark.

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