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Fedora + HP Photosmart C5280 = :)

May 22, 2008 7 comments

My old Epson Stylus C66 printer i not in very good shape any more, so i deceided to buy a new one and ofcause i want a printer working good with Fedora, so before going out to shop i checked this page , So the only good choice is to buy a Epson or a HP, So i deceided to buy a HP because the are active making open source drivers and tools.

I went to the local electronic megastore, to see what kind of HP printer i could get for a good price.

I picked up a HP Photosmart C5280 a multi function printer with a lot of nice features for 777 DKR (155 $)

When i got home and unpacked the beast and did basic setup and plugged it into one of my Fedora 9 Desktops and started ‘system-config-printer’ the printer was detected and was working without i have to doing anything at all, this is how easy printing in Fedora.

Next step was to connect to my old desktop working as a home server (running Fedora 8), so it is possible to print from all the computers in the house.

I just plugged the usb cable into the server and started up ‘system-config-printer’ on my desktop and connected to the server. The printer was also detected here and i set it to the default printer and allowed there printer to be shared. And then is was availabe on all systems in the house trough the power of zeroconf.

It is impresive that adding a printer and share it, can be so easy.

Thanks to all Fedora & upstream contributors to make my life so easy 🙂

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