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Better skip-broken support in yum

December 14, 2007 4 comments

For a while i have been working on making better support for yum to handle packages with dependency problems. The current skip-broken plugin has a lot of problems, so i have worked on building the the skip-broken support into yum, without needing a special plugin.

The first step was to make the yum depsolver collect the packages causing problems while it was depsolving.

The second step was to find a good way to skip the packages causing problems and all the deps they have pull in to the yum transaction.

In the latest couple of months there have been some very nice progress in adding a test suite to yum, so there is a good infrastructure for building test cases for the yum code, this is very important in testing the skip-broken functionality, because it is a good way to simulate all kind of dependency problems and to test if code changes is breaking something.

The new skip-broken code is now checked into the yum git HEAD and will be available in yum 3.2.9.

If you want to test it, you can check out the yum git HEAD and check it out.

git clone
cd yum
sudo ./ --skip-broken some-yum-action

The code conflict with then yum-skip-broken plugin, so it have to be removed if you want to test tje new code

Fedora Rawhide is a nice place to test it, there have been a lot of packages with dep problems lately.

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