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Planet & Wiki

May 28, 2008 1 comment

Look like the new way of planet self administration is a good idea, Welcome to all the new faces on the planet.

The new wiki also looks nice, and i couple days ago, it thougt about the best way to get to know mediawiki, was to read to some page and try to fix the problems i found, i have mostly consentrated on the packaging pages.

Most of there errors i found was ‘[“PageLink”]’,  there should be ‘[[PageLink]]’


The was also some ‘[[AchorName| Link text]]’, there should be ‘[[#AchorName| Link text]]’


So trickier was it with some pages there included content from other pages.

In MediaWiki you can include another page by using


But if you only want to include a part of the page, you have to add some special tags on the page you want to include.

i used the <onlyinclude>….</onlyinclude> tags on the souce page, to make limit the content to be imported.

Source Page

Target Page

More info here

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