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Yum Extender

November 15, 2008 3 comments

I have just released Yum Extender 2.0.5, not a lot of changes, but a lot of translation updates, thank to all translators and the transiflex maintainers to make it easy for the translator to submit translations upstream.

It is the first release for a long time and the 2.0.x code base is quite stable at the moment and there will only be made bug fixes to the 2.0.x series, no new fancy stuff.

I have started to work on the next generation of yumex, it will be redesigned from scratch, because i want to solve one of the mayor problems in yumex, that the gui get stuck when there is no callback from yum in a long periode of time. so i has started to design a client/server based yum backend there can run in a separete child process and communicate with the gui frontend, using a generic interface. This separation has a lot of benefit and will make it a lot easier to maintain the gui and make it work with different versions of yum or even other package managers.

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Yum Tips & Trick

April 1, 2008 3 comments

Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismai is have some comments to your post about yum & Friends.

Yum is not slower than Apt, yum does dynamic load of metadata, apt dont, it only refreshes the cache when the user tell it to, so you are comparing apple and oranges.

As the main yumex developer i don’t like statements like ‘Avoid using yumex’ because it might have behaved badly. If you detect any problems the collect documentation and make bugzilla reports, so if there is any problem they cant be solved. This is the way Open Source software evolves.  Behind the scene yumex, pirut, PackageKit (yum backend) and yum-cli all works by using the powerful Yum API to do the real action, so the difference is in the UI and to the level of feature and option each tool give to the user.

it is right you can install both apt & smart in Fedora, but there is some differences,  yum has put safety in a high place, so if there is a problem in the repo of some kind, yum will bail out with an error to not leave the users systems in a broken state, but some of the other package manager have options to try to fixes the issues and it can give strange/dangerous results.

Remember don’t blame the postman for delivering a bad message.

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